Complete set of Proclamation Cards

Proclaiming Scripture is a powerful and effective tool in our daily Christian walk. Speaking out the Scriptures releases the awesome power contained within them. This pack contains 30 different Proclamation bookmarks.

Format: Proclamation Card
Language: English
Sale price$27.00 AUD

This pack of bookmarks contains one of each of the 30 bookmarks which are also available as single titles, such as:

  • Proclamation for God's Protection
  • Proclamation to Overcome the Devil
  • Confession for Overcomers
  • My God Provides
  • The Divine Exchange
  • Proclamation of Forgiveness
  • You Are the Lord my Healer
  • The God of Hope
  • The Fear of the Lord
  • God is my Father


Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Christian Living, Prayer & Fasting, and Spiritual Warfare
Study Level:
Available Languages: English
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