Prophetic Guide to the End Times

The Bible unveils the future

End-times prophecies can seem confusing, or strange. But are they accurate? Delving into God's Word, Prince validates the Bible's proven record to predict future events with authority. His thorough exploration will help you act on the ''revealed things'' and face the last days with courage and trust in the Lord.

Format: Paperback
Language: English
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Even though God's "secret things" remain hidden, believers can study and act on the "revealed things" as He makes them known. Discover how acting on these assures our preservation and ultimate victory - and allows the Church to complete our mission to bring about the final sign of the end.

When we consider that at least one quarter of God's written Word is predictive prophecy, we are drawn to its pages with new vision - and great anticipation. Through grounded, scholarly, optimistic and personal insights, this trusted Bible teacher will help you gain new understanding about what to expect as time draws to a close.

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: End Times
Study Level: Intermediate
Available Languages: English
Pages: 224*
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