The Beauty of Holiness

You want this. You need this. The worlds needs it.

Do you want peace? Pure love? Unhindered communication with God? Fulfilment? Joy that goes beyond circumstance? Then you want to be holy!

Format: CD
Language: English
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The unique spiritual beauty of holiness becomes ours as we embrace each aspect of God's perfect provision.

Four Part Series:

  • God Demands Holiness in His People
  • God's Provision for Holiness
  • How God's Provision Works in Our Lives
  • How You May Sanctify Yourself

Study Notes included.

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Christian Living
Study Level:
Available Languages: English
Product Code: SA-BH01-100-ENG
Number of Discs: 4

Physical Product Dimensions

Weight: 170 g
Number of Discs: 4

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