Through Repentance to Faith

Discover the vital truths of the Christian faith in a fresh way and develop a strong life of faith!

Deepen your relationship with God and live a truly successful Christian life as you get a deeper understanding of faith. How can you develop it? It all starts with repentance: to change the way we think and to act accordingly. With study guide for Individual and group study.

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What is faith? And how can you develop it? It starts with repentance: to change the way we think and to act accordingly.

The whole message of the Bible is in this order: repent and believe. There are lots of people who might say they are struggling for faith. The truth is not that they are struggling for faith, but that they may have never met the condition of repentance. Repentance is the first of the six foundation doctrines. If that foundation stone is not in place, the building will always be wobbly.

This booklet series takes you through the central truths of the gospel as presented in Hebrews 6:1–2. This is the third segment of that teaching.

"There is no other way to faith except through repentance. Any other way that claims to get you there is deception. True faith is impossible without repentance." - Derek Prince

Author: Derek Prince
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