Where Wisdom Begins

Understand the fear of the Lord and find life

Previously known as: Gateway to God's Blessing

The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the "beginning of wisdom" and a "fountain of life". This book helps you to develop a deep sense of awe of the One who created us and loves us.

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Drastically different from the frightful trembling we feel in response to a threatening person or dangerous situation, the "Fear of the Lord" is a deep sense of reverence and awe of the One who created us, loves us, and saved us.

With comforting words of instruction, Derek explains...

  • How the fear of the Lord differs from other types of fear.
  • How to gain wisdom and understanding, which are rooted in the fear of the Lord.
  • How to overcome pride in order to submit to Christ and to others.
  • How to stand in awe of God's holiness.

Experience peace and confidence by cultivating the Fear of the Lord, the place where wisdom begins!

Author: Derek Prince
Subject: Christian Living
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Available Languages: English
Pages: 146*
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